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3 Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Needles Keep Breaking

Frequent broken sewing machine needles can be both frustrating and costly. Thankfully, there's usually a quick fix for the problem. Take a look at these 3 reasons why sewing machine needles break.

You Could Be Using the Wrong Sewing Technique

One common cause of frequent broken sewing machine needles is improper sewing technique — specifically, pulling on the fabric while sewing. It may seem instinctive to keep your fabric taut so your stitches will be event, but the feed dogs will do that for you with no intervention on your part. Instead, pulling on the fabric can actually bend the needle. If you pull it too tightly, the needle can even break. If you are worried about your stitches being uneven, run your fabric through the machine slower instead of pulling on it.

Another technical mistake many beginners make while sewing is leaving the pins in the fabric. If your sewing needle hits one of these pins, it will get bent. Over time, this pushes the needle out of alignment, which can cause it to hit the needle plate or feed dogs and promptly break. To avoid this, always be sure to remove your pins before running your project through the sewing machine.

Your Needle Could Be Inserted Incorrectly

Inserting a new needle into your sewing machine may seem easy, but there are several ways it can go wrong if you're not careful. One error some people make when inserting a needle is not tightening the screw enough. If the screw comes loose, your needle will fall out of alignment, eventually hitting the bobbin case and snapping. Turning the screw as tightly as you can should prevent this, but don't be afraid to check on the screw periodically to see if it's coming loose.

One mistake that even experienced seamsters and seamstresses can make if they're not paying attention is inserting the needle backwards. When inserting your needle, pay close attention to the top shank. The flat side of the shank must face towards the back of your sewing machine. If you insert it backwards with the flat side facing away, it can hit the plate or bobbin case and break immediately.

Your Sewing Machine Could Need Repairs

If none of the tips above fix your needle breaking woes, it could be time to take your sewing machine in for repairs. Sewing machine needles sometimes break because the machine is out of alignment. This often happens after the machine suffers a fall or is knocked against a wall. A good sewing machine repair shop will be able to reset the alignment manually so your needle stops hitting the bobbin case, feed dogs, or throat plate. They can also give you more tips on how to keep your needles in great condition.

For more information on sewing machines and sewing machine repair, consult a resource in your area.

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